Prep Your Files

When designing/illustrating your artwork and preparing your files, keep in mind that text, images, vector art, line drawings, doodles and halftones are all fair game. But realize that there are some limitations as well.

Continuous tone images, such as photographs or hand-drawn lines, can be produced as halftones, but they will have a very “half-toney” look to them. If you desire a halftone image, use a 1200 dpi scan at full scale.

If you are looking for clean line art from a scan, be sure to scan it at 1200 dpi at 100% scale and save the image in Bitmap or Lineart mode. We recommend that you scan in Grayscale, adjust the image using curves and levels, and convert the image mode via Mode -> Bitmap -> 50% Threshold in Photoshop.

Clean vector-based art reproduces best. We accept Illustrator, InDesign and PDF file formats. If using Illustrator or InDesign, please send your native files with outlines created for all fonts. The stroke weights in your file should never be less than .25 point.

Please compress all files into a ZIP file before sending. For instructions on creating a ZIP file, click here for Windows or click here for Mac.

For files larger than 25 MB, please use Dropbox to email us your files (